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1st October 2014

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Ikaw na. ;)

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26th September 2014

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Sam nailing every single one of book!Jamie’s memorable lines ♥

Super agree. Also, I think he did amazingly well with ‘Je suis prest’ and ‘And not one that’s mine’ (personal favorite, natch). I never really had concrete expectations when I read those lines (and hearing it in my head), but his saying it out loud just gave me goosebumps! ;) 

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26th September 2014

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I need eight hands, like a spider.


Have to finish knitting two things before Christmas, still need to finish Outlander Wedding recap, and now I am deep into this Arrow Sneak Peek Recap, which I should probably finish before “Both Sides Now” airs.


Thank God I don’t actually have to meet any deadlines because they will all be missed.

I’m really looking forward to Part 3 of your Outlander Wedding recap. So excited! #nopressure

25th September 2014

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This is me before, during and after my recaps.

Och. Ye canna mean that. Yer recaps are verra witty. (Said in a horrible Scots accent.) But seriously, your recaps are AMAZING! I’m looking forward to Part 3 of The Wedding. #newfan

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25th September 2014

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I do not desire mediocre love. I want to drown in someone.

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I skipped a word and read this out loud as: I want to drown someone.


25th September 2014

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Outlander Photo Recap S1E07, “The Wedding”, Pt. 1


First of all let me say that this was delicately and honestly brought to life by all involved and it was a highlight as a fan of a beloved book series to see this produced so superlatively. That said, I was sitting on my couch waiting for this to start and all I could think was:


And what glorious nudity it was. On to the recap.

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I love these recaps!

25th September 2014

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14th November 2013

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- [video]


4th October 2013

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Tom Hiddleston - Upper Body Appreciation


21st May 2013

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